Pamela Vosseller

I was called prolific once and thought, no it cannot be, I must have a style. I later found out one meaning of being prolific was having more creative cycles that go on simultaneously. My husband can attest to that. Every flat surface in the house seems to have another, and yes, different, art piece started. I have even caught myself, during the day, dreaming of art ideas and spend restless nights going over designs and art thoughts.

My art journey started with traditional drawing and painting techniques, and now my mind and creations wander to experimentation. The world is alive with possibilities for me, and I add to my paintings whatever it takes to achieve my vision. My current creations of mixed media are retrospect of my painting life that includes botanicals to landscapes, animals to people, the traditional and standard, realistic to expressionism, and abstract to altered art.

I still want the viewer to be moved to memories by my work. I was asked once, as an artist, if I perceive the world differently from other people? My answer, not really. Only that I know this Big World is made up of many little things and it’s those little things that I try to get the viewer to see, to remember. This world can be evil but, I’ve seen its beauty, and I never want us to forget what could be if we started to really care for each other.

Art Skills:  1974-1996: Studies in Drawing, Drafting, & Pastels
1996-Present: Watercolor Painting and Mixed Medium.

Art Displays:  Private Collectors – North & Southwest of USA.
Private Collectors – England, France, Australia, Scotland, & Germany

Gallery Showings:  Coos Art Museum-Coos Bay OR

Silver Lining Gallery-Florence OR
The River Gallery-Florence OR

Backstreet Gallery-Florence OR

Art Publications:  Oregon Coast Magazine – Mar/Apr 2005 Edition
Denali Literary & Art Magazine – 2009

Silver Dragonfly

Summer Days with Grandpa

Along the Garden Path

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