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Karen Nichols & 6×6 * September’s Featured Artists

“Take Wing” featured with “6×6 Challenge” at Backstreet Gallery

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We are thrilled to have as our Featured Artist for September, the multi-faceted, award winning artist, Karen Nichols. A reception will be held onSeptember 13th, 3-5PM where you will also enjoy the works of community artists invited to the 6×6 Challenge of taking ordinary wooden boxes and transforming them into marvelous art pieces.

 While Nichols paints in oils and acrylics, this show, entitled “Take Wing”, encompasses a variety of local birds and winged creatures created in her signature medium – paper painting collage. Her distinctive watercolors will also be included.

 The collages are her original process where she gathers all kinds of rice paper, which contain fibers. She then paints the paper in a variety of colors. When torn, the effect is a feathery piece that can be fitted together to form various subject matter.  This soft-edged quality makes the paper ideal for creating her many fowl feathered friends.

 You’ll also have a chance to get a signed copy of her brand new book, Second Chance Heart. How often does one experience a miracle? Other books available – The Unexpected Gift:  an inspirational story of a Marine who reclaims his life through the love and redemption. Thornton House: a mysterious love that transcends time and opens death’s door. These books are also available on Amazon.com.

 Stacked, hung and otherwise displayed will be the wooden box creations that make up the 6×6 Challenge. Artists were invited to think inside or outside the box as they interpreted their assignment.

Come to the reception, Sept. 13th 3-5pm where you can meet the artists and find out about their work while you enjoy scrumptious refreshments.


Landrum & Rincon * August Featured Artists

Talented watercolorists, Jan Landrum and Jane Rincon, liven up August with their special show.

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Long time Florence resident Jan Landrum entered into Florence’s art world in the ‘70s, working in oils and collages. She displayed her work in Florence’s first artists’ co-op, Gallery of Local Artists.

Fostering her lifetime love of art, Jan took watercolor classes from Bob Kutch and Susan Weathers. It was instant love with the first splash of water, which describes many of her pieces that depict luminous ocean and water scenes.

Her work includes varied subject matter, from florals and ocean scenes to still lifes and portraits.  Some paintings are as soft as a summer breeze. Others exhibit a dramatic flair.

She’s a member of Figure Eights. Twice a month they gather to work using live models as their subjects. This activity has fine-tuned her drawing skills and challenges her watercolor abilities. She looks forward to trying acrylic painting.

Jan’s work has been shown in the Peace Harbor Hospital, Siuslaw Library, various restaurants, and has been a member of Backstreet for nine years.

When Jan steps out on her deck overlooking her 4 acres, she is greeted with burst of pansies and colorful flowers she tends with a green thumb. She may be accompanied by her beloved terrier named Speedy,  and Chihuahua named Suzie.

President of Backstreet Gallery, Jane Rincon was an original member whose hard work, ambition, organizational skills and creativity have contributed to Backstreet’s success. Jane is an award-winning artist garnering the coveted Best of Show in Celebrate Arts 2012.

Jane’s studio, The Crows Nest, sits high overlooking the ocean. Her masterful watercolors illustrate windswept beaches and shorebirds that capture her attention on beach strolls with her three labs, Coco, Rosie, and newcomer Daisy.

In addition, Jane has broadened her work to include unique watercolors and acrylics on Yupo paper.  This summer show called, “Colors”, presents a range from realism to the abstract.

Jane takes advantage of her beachside residence not only for subject matter, but also for the beautiful array of seashells that she weaves into striking wreaths.

She looks forward to advancing her skills through Chinese Brush painting and through a study of trees with her friend Susan Weathers, teacher and fellow Backstreet member.

Jane’s energy is spread through of a variety of activities that she enjoys. Swimming, biking and kayaking trips have left her bronzed by the Oregon sun.

Her creativity is not confined to her studio. It oozes out into her outstanding garden and her kitchen. She has a cookie obsession so she loves to bake and cook.

Celebrate their art at their reception, August 9th 3-5pm.






Hillsbery & Vosseller * June’s Featured Artists

A double feature at Backstreet Gallery includes brilliant watercolors by Carole Hillsbery with Pamela Vosseller’s unique altered art and paintings. Their reception is June 14, 3-5PM.


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          A national award-winning artist, Carole has won awards in Arizona Watercolor Society, Watercolor Society of Oregon, Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, Transparent Watercolor of America and Celebrate Arts.

            Carole’s interest in art has been ongoing for as long as she can remember. After trying oils she received as a gift, she found she hated them. When taking a class from Katheryn Davis, she was hooked on watercolors.

            Her vivid colors, marvelous sense of light, combined with an edgy impressionistic approach, create her powerfully distinctive style. She executes her watercolors both on paper and also canvas.

Carole is becoming known not only for her free-flowing watercolors but also for classes and workshops. After having home-schooled her 4 children, she developed a love for teaching. She brings inspiration plus enthusiasm to all she undertakes. Watch for her summer class schedule and 2-day workshops.

People say, “Watercolor is hard. You can’t make mistakes.” That simply isn’t true.

Exhibiting from here to Arizona, Carole now exhibits at Backstreet Gallery, the Mind Power Gallery in Reedsport and Earthworks in Yachats.


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            Award-winning, Pamela Vosseller, began her art journey  with traditional drawing/painting techniques. Now, just when you figure out what Pamela does best, she surprises you with something entirely new and unique.

            Accomplished in traditional watercolor and acrylics, Pamela experiments with multimedia, combining and embellishing found objects, fibers, metals, paper, clay, paint and original art. The delightful show is filled with a collection of altered art, bird-houses, dolls, angels, sailboats and paintings.

            Pamela works full time at the walk-in clinic at Peace Health and would like to have more time to spend with her husband and creating at her own pace, so June will be her last month at Backstreet. She looks forward to being published, taking a jewelry class, and learning encaustic art using wax. You will still find her work at various venues around Florence. She plans again to teach art. Look for her classes presented at FRAA in the near future.

            Pamela and her husband are growing and planting in the First Harvest Community Garden. Don’t be surprised if you wander through the garden on 15th Street, to find that her creative spirit dwells there too.

Come out to Backstreet Gallery on June 14, enjoy the show and learn about their art.








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