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February’s Featured Artists: Welzel & Manzanares


Ramona Welzel & Jacklon Manzanares

Ramona Welzel & Jacklon Manzanares

Ramona Welzel is a versatile artist who excels in three media. She enjoys layering in all three arts to create depth and dimension.  When Ramona walks her black and white dogs, her neighbors have dubbed her The Black and White Lady, maybe not knowing that Ramona also creates detailed, and stylized black and white ink drawings. Her pen and inks utilize a combination of gray washes and linear blacks that result in the illusion of depth.

Getting Ready by Ramona Welzel

Getting Ready by Ramona Welzel

A signature creation of Ramona are her “Paper Quilts.  Using angular shaped, hand-painted and textured pieces of paper, she carefully stitches and folds the papers together forming a unique “quilted” work of art. Her latest is stunning in many shades of white.

Winning awards at Celebrate Arts and the Rhody Festival, Welzel is known for subtle, abstract, layered watercolors with interlacing forms.  However, her recent watercolors are precision renderings of the Siuslaw Bridge. Resembling skyscrapers, she focused on the spires, an architectural study viewed from a unique angle.  She said, “As a former resident of New Jersey, who viewed the New York skyline for years, I feel an affinity for skyscrapers.”


Jacklon Mazanares brings an elegant touch to Backstreet Gallery with dramatic jewelry. Her pieces are worn from California to New York, to Paris, also in Japan and Canada.  A friend once gave Jacklon some beads, saying, “I know you can do something fabulous with them.” Her jewel case is filled with sophisticated “fabulous” jewelry.

Necklace by Jacklon Manzanares

Necklace by Jacklon Manzanares

Jacklon loves traveling and shopping, especially when her excursions take her to bead and design shows. She personally selects the natural gems that make up her collection of jewelry. “I prefer to handpick my stones so that I’m sure of what I get.” She often sees exactly what will make the ideal piece.  Come see what her latest trip to a bead show in Pasadena brings to Florence.

 At home, she can pull together stones and metals much as you would when you dress and put an outfit together.  She uses fine quality crystals, lamp work beads, dichroic glass, pearls, and other gemstones.   Combining these with sterling silver, brass and copper, she twists, hammers and wraps, converting raw materials into wearable art that transforms an ordinary outfit into stunning.

Come to Backstreet, view their innovative work and enjoy
a spread of delicious refreshments from 3-5 PM, February 8.

Nichols and Cosko * September’s Featured Artists

 Enjoy a joint show entitled “Faces”, a very unique interpretation by artists Tanny Cosko and Karen Nichols as they are Featured Artists for September.

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         Welcome back, Tanny Cosko. She recently returned from Mexico where she loves the vivid hues of Mexican art. Her travels and love of color are reflected through her fabric art and altered art.

         A bit of whimsy plays through her wall-hangings which include feathered Ladies on Canvas, Warriors decked out in leather, floating Divas- angel-like ladies, finely stitched art quilts, and unusual collages.  Many pieces are endowed with her alluring signature painted faces.

         In addition to her wall décor, she designs innovative jewelry, alters shoes splashed with color or covered in found objects and is always coming up with a new creative ideas to capture your whimsy. Continue reading

Landrum & Smoley * August Featured Artists

“Back to Nature” is the theme for watercolorist Jan Landrum and glass artist, Jayne Smoley’s August Featured Artists Show.

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Jane Smoley’s works, a variety of geometric shaped pieces in vibrant glass, include bowls, plates, hanging designs, starfish, jewelry, nightlights, wall sconces and custom light fixtures. Her glowing pendants are dichroic eye-catchers. All pieces are layered and kiln fired at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit for an average of 20 hours and often cold worked, then returned to the kiln.

Her newest gleaming pieces are executed in powder screen painting on glass. Using botanicals inspired by vintage graphics from the 1800’s, Jayne combines these shapes together with universal geometric designs in a totally new second millennium way.

Jayne was one of the founding co-chairs of the “Artful Affair” presented by the Rotary Club of Florence to provide art scholarships to our local students. She is also an active participant in the much-acclaimed Holly Jolly Follies.


Surrounded by nature on her 4 acres along the scenic Oregon coast, Jan Landrum is easily stirred to create. Distinctive watercolor seascapes, florals, landscapes, and lighthouses flow from her brush while she vintage music flows through her studio.  She creates with ease especially when she lets it all happen with waves crashing against the shore in her expressive seascapes.

Her latest love is portraiture.  She developed a penchant for art an early age and sketched people whenever she could. As a member of Figures 8’s, where artists meet weekly to paint or sketch from a live model, Jan has learned to pay attention to detail. This skill translates into her other exceptional work as well.

“At Backstreet, my inspiration comes from the camaraderie and my connection to others whose passion is art.”

 Be sure to come, meet the artists, find out about their artistry of dichroic glass and watercolor,
and share a 
delicious table of refreshments August 10th at Backstreet from 3-5pm.


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