Damen-Dawson * October’s Featured Artist

It Takes a Colony - Common Morres


Kathryn Damon-Dawson’s recent paintings from her series “Bird Dialogues” and “Urban Semantics” are at Backstreet Gallery, 1421 Bay Street, from October 7 through November 4, 2014, where Kathryn is featured artist during October. 

  “Artistic vision comes from seeing with your eyes and feeling with your heart,”  D. W. Patterson.  This concept is reflected in Kathryn’s paintings.  She utilizes digitally gathered forms but paints moment-in-time consciousness.  “My painting, “It Takes a Colony,” is a 40” x 13” watercolor of 39 Common Murres.  I sought to capture the alert-urgency of this colony of coastal birds while retaining individual identities through my choice of composition and unexpected use of vivid color,” says Damon-Dawson.

 The title “It Takes a Colony” is also an analogy for the structure of Backstreet Gallery, a nine year old, for-profit, cooperative corporation which Kathryn helped birth nine years ago.  She is presently on the Board and holds the position of Secretary.

Tiles of additional paintings in this show include “Love Remembered,” “Reflection In the Woods,”  “Walkin’ My Lady Home,” ”Country Fair Crow,”  “Lightness of Being.” Some paintings are inspired by travel in Europe, 2013, with granddaughter Sarah.  

Kathryn’s painting “White Bishop – Black Knight” is in Medford during October.  It is one of 80 selected from 328 paintings for the juried, Fall 2014 Watercolor Society of Oregon Exhibition. The Rogue Gallery, 30 S. Bartlett St., Medford, October 3 – 31.

 “Golden Boy of the Dunes” appears on the current cover of Central Oregon Coast Telephone Book by Pacific Publishing Co. which is also the publisher of Kathryn’s children’s book, “Dogs, Crows and the Corn Chip Dance.”

 Rand Dawson, Kathryn’s husband, will offer guitar music at her reception Saturday, October 11, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. Backstreet Gallery.   Refreshments will be provided.


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Meet the Authors – A book signing at BSG

Karen Nichols, Kathryn Damon-Dawson, Pattie Brooks-Anderson, Jennifer French, Jill Hardin
Karen Nichols, Kathryn Damon-Dawson, Pattie Brooks-Anderson, Jennifer French, Jill Hardin

Join us in honoring our artist-authors, Jennifer French, Karen Nichols, Pattie Brooks Anderson, Jill Hardin and Kathryn Damon Dawson April 13th, 3-5 PM at a book signing at 1421 Bay St.  The reception also celebrates featured artists Geraldine McMahan and Jane Rincon.

Thorton House by Karen NicholsThe Unexpected Gift by Karen NicholsKaren Nichols found her writing voice after taking a class, “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”. Karen’s latest, The Unexpected Gift is an inspirational novel: A Marine reclaims purpose and trust through love and redemption. Exciting action arises during two tours in Afghanistan. Zack returns to conquer PTSD through His inspiration, the love of a childhood friend, a rescue dog plus a gift from beyond. Her first book is Thornton House, a mysterious novel of love that transcends time and opens death’s door. What is the secret of Thornton House? It’s a page-turner with a dynamite ending.


“Dogs, Crows and the Corn Chip Dance,” written and illustrated by Kathryn Damon-Dawson in collaboration with granddaughters Darby and Riley. This whimsical, children’s book, teaches counting through rhyme. Coastal, scrappy crows attempt to catch corn chips while enthusiastic dogs interrup. Humorous details are tucked within the bright watercolor illustrations.


Pattie Brooks Anderson is an artist who turned her award-winning paintings into an irresistible story begun for her grandchildren, but grew into a tale of environmental awareness. Enchanted is a fable about a land long-forgotten. The individuals who lived in and around the forest rediscovered the land, finding beauty that had always been there, only waiting for all to realize it. The kind, loving sorceress, Aeliana, makes it all happen.


hootowl_JFJennifer French, who approaches her arts with humor and sensitivity, has written two inspiring novels. Award-winning Hoot Owl Shares the Dawn is an adventure story written for the entire family. Teen-ager Johnny Falcon, an Anglo/Paiute, escapes from his oppressive reservation. Learn the secrets the troubled teen gains from old Indian Chief, Hoot Owl. Fidgets inspires readers with action, humor and lessons for coping with ADHD. The Patterson family finds an effective non-invasive-drug treatment ending years of chaos and frustration.


Jill Hardin, resident poet-singer, spins her serenely beautiful free-verse reflecting spirituality and love that shine through like the dawn’s first light in her book No More Need. As a musician and a chanteuse, Jill’s poems resonate with the lyrical flow of musical harmony. Her expressive voice emerges through her written poetry as well as readings she recorded on a CD.

Backstreet Artists ‘Celebrated’

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On November 1st, Backstreet Gallery member Jane Rincon was named Best of Show winner in the 2012 Celebrate Arts! juried show for her watercolor/collage entitled “The Falls.” Long-time Backstreet member, and Secretary of Backstreet, Jane is well known for her watercolor/mixed media paintings and also for her shell wreaths.

Donna Fay Allen won a Second Place Award for her abstract piece. Recipients of Merit Awards were Stephanie Ames for her photography and Jane Rincon for a mixed media piece. Honorable Mention award winners include Donna Fay Allen, Stephanie Ames, Pattie Brooks Anderson, Kathryn Damon-Dawson, Susan Weathers and Ramona Welzel. Some of these artists received more than one Honorable Mention award for their outstanding work encompassing metal work, photography, watercolor, and ink.

These fabulous award winning art works may be viewed at the Florence Events Center 715 Quince St. until December 28th. Also juried into the show were Kris DeNoyer, Karen Nichols and Jayne Smoley. Their ceramic, collage, oil, and glass pieces may viewed there until November 15. The FEC is open M-F, 12-4 PM. This is a show not to be missed.