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About Backstreet Gallery

We are a co-op gallery of over 20 artists in beautiful Florence, Oregon. Find watercolor, acrylic, fiber art, jewelry, pottery, glass, wood, mixed-media, and more in our gallery. We believe art is for everyone so you fill find art in every price range and style imaginable.

Pacific North Wet Comes To Backstreet

Brrrr.. it’s cold and wet outside and Backstreet artists have captured it in their own unique way for the Pacific North Wet show as January’s theme. With twenty-some artists there are sure to be a diversity of interpretations. The reception, with great food and drink, is January 10th, 3-5 PM, at Backstreet Gallery, 1421 Bay Street. during the Second Saturday Gallery Tour.

Rainy Reflections

Stephanie Ames

Carol's watercolor

Carole Hillsbery


Jennifer French

Little Dickens 2014

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December 3rd begins the annual Little Dickens Miniature Show. The community is invited to enter their tiny masterpieces, additional information at the Backstreet Gallery, the FEC or at

Kenneth B Gallery owner-artist, SK Lindsey will jury the show to determine Best of Show, second, and third place in the 2D and 3D catagories. Backstreet will feature the Best of Show winners in April.

SK comes to Florence with a diversified background in art. She first attended Northern University of Arizona at Flagstaff in her twenties, where she focused primarily on realism and figure studies, but quit school to establish a family. In her mid-thirties, she returned to acquire a BA in Fine Art from California State University at Sacramento (CSUS. There she studied with esteemed artist Oliver Jackson, who taught her much about abstract expressionism, which marks her personal artistic style today.

SK also studied art with the Dogan people of Mali, West Africa. where she lived for 5 months. This experience also taught SK about the power of art when it’s created to support community as opposed to individual artists.

Now, with Kenneth B Gallery’s Print Lab, SK fashions Print ’n Sip, where the community creates mono prints and etchings; and Paint ‘n Sip where more experienced artists demonstrate skill for less experienced artists. Soon figure drawing sessions will be available for artists attracted to more formidable studies. The Kenneth B Gallery also offers Dinner +  Movie for the community to enjoy the art of film.  Backstreet’s reception for the artists is December 13th, 3-5. Vote prior to 4:30PM the day of the reception for the People’s Choice award.

A reception honoring the artists who entered the will be on December 14th which includes plenty of great art and delicious refreshments from 3-5pm.

Phillips * November Featured Artist

Flower Dust 2         Backstreet’s new member, Tamarah Phillips, will debut her first show, “Chromatic Garden”, in November. Her reception takes place onNovember 8th, from 3 to 5PM at Backstreet Gallery, 1421 Bay Street.

            Tamarah entered last year’s Little Dickens Show at Backstreet and was awarded a First Place in the 2D category. She has also won awards in Celebrate Arts and the Del Mar Fair, with other shows in the Library, and The Gallery Above The Sliver Lining.

            With a very distinctive style enveloped in linear designs, organic shapes and vibrant colors, she captures her subject in an other-worldly fantasy. Perhaps having a seamstress for a mother who surrounded Tamarah with fabrics, textures and patterns gave impetus to her captivating, and as she calls it, intuitive work.

            A favorite quote of hers, “Design beyond your skill, and then raise the level of you skill to fulfill it,” is from an unknown author.

Sorceress            Her father was in the military serving as a Safety Officer, so Tamarah has lived many places around the states. She also lived with her family in Germany for six years. She and her father took long walks in the forest where he regaled her with historic stories and fairytales.

            These memories added to her mother’s cloth imagery combined with Tamarah’s active imagination, provides the basis for her truly unique art. The recurring theme of women’s remarkable faces is repeated in many of her ethereal paintings. She uses paint to create her images and tell a story using women’s faces, human figures slowly changing into something else, something magical: dancing nymphs, and hidden symbols.

            Tamarah decided to join her parents when her father retired and moved to Florence from San Diego. The art community here welcomes her signature style and grace.

            When not pursuing her art or at Backstreet Gallery you may find her at Bon Jour, a boutique clothing store where she is the assistant manager. Her position there may influence her stylish persona.


Come to the reception November 8th from 3pm -5pm,
meet the artist, and enjoy delicious refreshments.


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