Denise DeKemper & Pamela Vosseller * July’s Featured Artists

Denise DeKemper & Pamela Vosseller

July is a double feature at Backstreet Gallery including handpainted silks by Denise DeKemper and Pamela Vosseller’s unique altered art. 

Denise DeKemper

Denise’s interest in art began as a child. She designed and her mother sewed her clothes. Denise and her sister tie-dyed together. She’s also worked in stained glass and mosaics.  Some may know Denise as Mom to her Corgi dog, Joe. “Is that Joe?” some may ask as she walks along with her husband, son and Joe.  However, Denise is rapidly becoming known for elegant painted silk scarves, wall hangings, and other distinctive silk pieces, introducing a new art form to Backstreet. Denise’s work is gutta-serti, French for “rubber fence”. Similar to batik, she uses rubber-based gutta resist instead of wax. She draws her creation on paper then traces it onto silk using the resist. She then paints dyes onto the silk. The dyes are set by steaming the silk.  Denise first saw silk painting in Mexico then attended a workshop to learn the process. While at a state fair, Denise submitted a piece to the homemaking department. They sent her to the fine arts department citing the quality of her work, where a gallery owner invited Denise to display her work in a gallery.

Pamela Vosseller

Pamela’s art journey started with traditional drawing/painting techniques. “Over the last two years, I have been exploring mixed media. I add to my paintings whatever it takes to achieve my vision. The world is alive with possibilities.”  In 2011, Pamela challenged herself to complete 100 Art/Road Journals using recycled books. These journal creations have allowed her to create with no boundaries. She incorporates original art, embellishments, clay, metal, papers, and text. The journals are traditionally and uniquely bound for the public to record their dreams or memories.  Pamela says, “I have come full circle, returning to Backstreet Gallery. I was a member with Backstreet when the gallery was in the little house on Laurel. I find Backstreet to be a network of diverse artists. This has inspired me to try new art techniques as well as providing opportunity to continue my participation in community projects.”

Come out July 14th from 3-5pm to meet these two fine artists and learn more about their art.

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