Karen Nichols Book Signing

You are invited to a book signing for Karen Nichols!

Thornton House has arrived in town. The author of the book, Karen Nichols, will be in the Bromley Room at the Siuslaw Library on Saturday, May 26th, from 10 AM until 2PM, to present her book, Thornton House. Refreshments will be served.

After the heroine receives an unexpected chance at a new life, the book tells the mysterious story of a woman settling in Florence and building her dream, Thornton House. She finds love that transcends time and opens death’s door. Are the things that occur merely coincidences or events from beyond? What is the secret of Thornton House?

“The idea of this story came to me when my husband and I started looking for a retirement spot. We were picnicking at Honeyman Park and fell in love with the area. One of the early scenes in the book takes place at a picnic in that park and is the inspiration from which the plot was born.” The dog character seems a great deal like Nichols’ King Charles Cavalier.

For many years Nichols wrote and illustrated children’s books that she used in her 33-year teaching career. She has written feature stories for Relay for Life and for Backstreet Gallery. Several years ago, she helped publish the Coastal Writer’s Group’s writing journal. She also writes poetry. Her poetry and art work have been included in several anthologies and as graphic designs for book covers.

Thornton House as well as her Pocket Poetry, hand written poems in original watercolor covers, can be found at Backstreet Gallery where Nichols is an artist-member and also in Porthole Books and on Amazon.com.

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