Models on the Move! (Updated Info)

Backstreet Gallery is sponsoring a challenge and community event called, MODELS ON THE MOVE.

Artists have the opportunity to decorate a moveable wooden model (also known as an artist’s mannequin) in a creative, clever, flamboyant way to enhance and transform the model into an art piece.

Entry fee and mannequin $10. Models can be picked up beginning May 15 at Backstreet Gallery, 1421 Bay Street.

The model creations will be on display at Backstreet Gallery during the month of August. At the August 11th G.A.L.A .Art walk a reception will be held for all artists.

All models will be for sale, with the proceeds going to Florence’s own GALA Art Walk, which in turn supports local artists and galleries.

SO – get your imaginations hopping!

Come in on May 15th to pick up your model, get a move on, create, and participate in this worthy fundraising community event.

  • Artists bring in the models between July 28 and August 1
  • Artists set the selling price for their models
  •  Models go on sale as soon as they are displayed at Backstreet
  •  GALA Art Walk on August 11 celebrates the models and the artists
  • Models continue to be displayed and on sale during August and at silent auction at After Hours on August 29

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