Jennifer French * May’s Featured Artist

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Jennifer French’s show is entitled “Oregon Feathers N’ Petals” which features unique art work depicting local birds and flowers. Each piece is hand carved into linoleum, mounted on wood. While these blocks are typically used for print-making, Jennifer paints them in colorful acrylics to create very unique wall hangings.  Infused with Jennifer’s love and joy is her 1-of-a-kind card series, Gull’s First Impressions©. “Living in Florence, I enjoy watching hundreds of seagulls dart here and there. It brings me great pleasure to bring these sassy and sociable creatures ashore. My cards share a humorous bird’s eye view of human nature.”   

Her passion for the arts started early. With a background in advertising, journalism, and marketing, it’s no surprise she founded Backstreet Gallery seven years ago, now home to 24 artists. “We are an enthusiastic, creative group of artists and enjoy sharing our new techniques and ideas with each other. Inspiration and motivation is very contagious at our local artist co-operative.”  Writing is another of her creative achievements. “Hoot Owl Shares the Dawn” is a multi-cultural, young adult novel that won honorable mention in the 2005 Independent Publisher Awards. Her second young adult novel, “Fidgets” is about ADHD. She’s working on another book “All Under the Same Roof,” a quirky mystery that takes place in a retirement home. Jennifer’s books are available at Backstreet. In addition to Jennifer’s decorative linoleum blocks and insightful novels, her May display will include some watercolors that reflect her spirit of joy and whimsy.

Important to Jennifer is her deep concern for others, and she supports various social justice groups such as Basic Rights Oregon and PFLAG. Also, an Oregon Certified Ombudsman, she advocates for residents’ rights and dignity, at many assisted living and memory care facilities in Florence. She’s also an advocate for Peace Harbor’s Patient Council.  She is a board member of Seacoast Entertainment Association and member of the Unitarian Universalist Church. For more fun, Jennifer enjoys bird watching, gardening, reading, fishing, cooking, watching spectator sports of all kinds and collecting antique books.  

Meet Jennifer French and find out about her art, May 12th, 3 to 5:00 p.m. at Backstreet Gallery at 1421 Bay Street. Great refreshments will be served.

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