Backstreet Welcomes 2 New Artists to the Co-Op!

Backstreet Gallery presents two new members, Pamela Vosseller and Denise DeKemper. Thier outstanding work will be part of Backstreet on April 4th. 

Pamela Vosseller & Denise DeKemper

I have come full circle,” says Pamela, who returns to Backstreet after a few years’ hiatus. “I sold my first painting at the old gallery on Laurel St, the first gallery to encourage me as an artist.”For the twenty years she’s been in Oregon, Pamela has been known for her serene transparent watercolors. After joining the Altered Art group, she says, “I am taking a new path in my art work.” This pathway has led her to working with a variety of media: fabric, paper, oils, metals, paints and found objects resulting in unique altered art pieces and art journals showing at Backstreet.  

Pamela’s artistic interest began in childhood. With her father, a graphic artist, working at home, she experienced art first hand. Pamela began working with graphite, before moving into watercolor.  In addition to her art, she is an independent contractor, a legal and general transcriptionist.

Her work, being shown in homes and businesses world-wide, is also popular with local collectors.  “Art is just fun,” is why she enjoys teaching and sharing her art.

Denise brings a new medium to Backstreet. Her beautiful silk paintings are framed as two-dimensional pieces, displayed on flowing silk scarves or as ornaments.  Denise’s work is gutta-serti, French for rubber fence. This medium is much like batik, using a rubber-based gutta resist instead of wax. She draws a picture or pattern on paper then traces it onto silk using the resist. Next she paints dyes onto the silk. The dyes are set by steaming the silk.

While in New Mexico, she saw a silk painting. Denise extended her trip to attend a workshop to learn the process.  As an artist, she was discovered at a state fair when submitting one of her works to the homemaking department. There she was sent to the fine arts department due the quality of her work. At the fair, she met a gallery owner who was the first to display Denise’s work in a gallery.

Her interest in art began as a child. Denise designed and her mother sewed her clothes. Denise and her sister tie-dyed together. She’s also worked in stained glass and mosaics.

Join Backstreet in welcoming these new artists as well as a reception honoring watercolorist, Muriel Wilhelmi on April 14th from 3-5pm  where you can meet the artists and find out about their work.

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