Featured in April 2015, Little Dickens 2014 Best of Show Winners, Bill Johnson and Jan Woodford

Bill and Jan

Backstreet Gallery presents artists Bill Johnson and Jan Woodford, the artists who won the Best of Show awards for last December’s Little Dickens Show. Their new exhibition will be mighty but maybe not miniature. Their reception is April 11, 3-5 PM during the Second Saturday Gallery Tour. Refreshments will be served.

Since childhood, Jan Woodford has loved art with her parents fostering her talents. She’s been painting and developing her expertise for 50 years, and pastels for the past 16 years.

Jan loves to work in series. Her most recent endeavor is her masterfully executed seascapes where one can almost feel the sea spray with waves crashing against the shore. She might paint with oil, plein air or take photos and combine them in the richness of her style with pastels. One of these beautiful seascapes won best of show at the miniature show in the 2D category.

She is equally adept at portraiture. Jan coordinates the Figure Eight artists who meet biweekly with a live model.

In February the Library showcased her marvelous body of work. She has exhibited at Tsunami Gallery, Mind Power Gallery, and Peace Harbor Hospital. She creates with a group of artists at Old Town Coffee where she is a permanent exhibitor. Being a FRAA member, Jan’s art appears at the Art Center.

Bill Johnson entered several Little Dickens Shows and won awards at each show for his 3D pieces.

He too has been artistic since childhood when he loved to draw hot rods. At Pasadena City College, he began to take art and design classes. He pursued a career in the aerospace industry. Later he worked in residential design and graphic arts.

Workshops like Artist Is You, Art and Soul and an assemblage class with Michael de Meng have influenced his present day art.

He expresses himself by gathering discarded objects that he finds in thrift shops and garage sales then transforms and assembles them into freestanding sculptural pieces. Machine parts, clocks, watches, dials, meters, gears and chains are a few of the items you might find pieced together in his unique sculptures.

Come enjoy their distinctive creations during April at Backstreet Gallery, 1421 Bay St. open daily 10-6PM.


By Jan Woodford

Bill Photo 2

By Bill Johnson

March Featured Artists Pattie Brooks Anderson and Stephanie Ames




March Show-finalPattie Brooks-Anderson, Stephanie Ames featured at Backstreet Gallery in March

“The Spirit of Being” is a body of unique artwork by two of Backstreet’s finest artists, Pattie Brooks-Anderson and Stephanie Ames. You’re cordially invited to a catered reception on Saturday, March 14, 3-5PM, 1421 Bay St. with guitarist, Michael Erbentraut.

Pattie Brooks-Anderson, Vice President of Backstreet, brings to her unique, signature watercolor-ink paintings education, experience and a profound essence of the spirit she experiences. She reaches past the art of drawing into the submerged artist within. For her, painting channels a universal place found in quiet.

She loves animals. Through her technique and use of whimsy, she captures their sense of spirit, the same sense of spirit she feels in creation. She seeks to relay this sentiment to her viewer, in kindred agreement with universal appeal. She fashions a golden thread conveying the emotion that she feels creating and imparts that to her audience.

While ambling in forests, on beaches, practicing Qigong or experiencing its inspiring language, an image often appears. Other times she has no idea in mind. A mental picture expands while creating. “I often don’t know what I’m painting until close to completion. As the painting develops, messages seem to come though a source greater than myself.”

Stephanie Ames, masterful photographer checks tide tables or sun/moon charts. She knows where to film stunning sunsets, high tide splashes against rocky shores; and when to capture the light bathing a form, in a mood, a feeling. To ensure photographing the image she envisions, she may spend hours or days waiting for the right light to spill its magic on her subject.

She has developed technical skills to the point where she is confident that she can “display the image the way I want.” Seeking to capture the intensity, the emotion she experiences on location she relays similar reactions to the viewer.

Her passionate photographs embody the spirit with which she reaches beyond the subject and finds its essence.

Stephanie Ames is Backstreet’s Display Committee Chair, where she utilizes her aesthetic sensibilities to transform the interior of a building into a first rate gallery of distinction.

Playing his fine flamingo guitar, Michael Erbentraut entertains for this reception.  He’s a wonderful presence in our community. He can be seen and heard around Old Town practicing and chatting with folks as he goes.  No one is ever sorry to be hearing his sounds … just very impressed and ready to enjoy.

Share the intensity, spirit and emotion of these kindred artists as you experience their incredible art!


Backstreet Gallery Presents Their February Hearts Show


Zing Went the Strings! By Pattie Brooks Anderson

You’re invited!

Hear THEART Heart

Backstreet Gallery artists put their heart in the Heart exhibition for the month of February. With twenty some talented artists pouring their heart out into their media with their interpretation of the heart theme, it’s bound to be an interesting show. There will be a reception in their honor on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14th, from 3-5 PM, at 1421 Bay Street, just the perfect time to start off your romantic plans for the evening.

Beside the array of tasty appetizers, guests will enjoy the talented Rebecca Phillips with her quartet, aptly called “Just for Fun”, with Richard Jones on clarinet and tenor sax, Lou Invernon on flute, and Barbara Jones on bass. Member Jill Hardin will possibly join them on a song or two, while Rebecca fills in with other vocals, along with her amazing keyboard work.  Romance will be floating through the air with Hearts and Songs of Love. HearTHEARTheart.

Jane Rincon - milagros Hearts

Milagros Hearts By Jane Rincon



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